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  • Modern Theories of Product Warnings and European Product Liability Law

    Thomas Verheyen
          • Let’s Think Twice before We Revise!
            ‘Égalité’ as the Foundation of Liability for Lawful Public Sector Acts

            Esther Engelhard, Berthy van den Broek, Ferry de Jong, Anne Keirse, Evelien de Kezel
                              • The legal framework for self-regulation in the Netherlands

                                Zayènne D. van Heesen-Laclé, Anne C.M. Meuwese
                                  • Crime Victims’ Experiences with Seeking Compensation: A Qualitative Exploration

                                    Marnix R. Hebly, Josanne D.M. van Dongen, Siewert D. Lindenbergh
                                      • ‘Mind the (Knowledge) Gap’: Towards a Criminal Duty to Report Child Sexual Abuse?

                                        Renée Sharon Barbara Kool, Senna Kerssies, Tessa van der Rijst